For over 20 years, I’ve been able to share my enthusiasm and love for the ceramic process through teaching, workshops, exhibitions and shows. I’m fortunate to live in the Mission District in San Francisco where the artistic, cultural and social stimuli is dynamic and a source of endless inspiration.


Deborah Gutof

Ceramic Artist


Ceramics became a passion of mine in an elective class in high school and eventually changed the course of my life. At the University of Kansas as an art student, I was exposed to a variety of firing methods that were unpredictable and captivating. Results were usually attractive, but not always “successful” or controlled, but it’s this thrill and beauty that I’m chasing. It’s what motivates me to try new things and work.

In 2015 I joined forces with my dear friend and now business partner, Deb Caperton to bring creativity and ceramic experiences to the community through a small business we call Spark Ceramics. As co-founder, it’s been gratifying and powerful to harness all my skills and as an educator and leader to enhance the workshops we offer,such as corporate team building, special events and public art installations.

It’s also important to highlight how lucky I feel to have the continuous and unwavering support of my husband Walt and 2 boys, Devo and Lu. They keep my feet on the ground,hands in clay, head in the sky,and allow me to imagine, create and achieve.

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